For over 30 years , Pat and Jay Gaddis have hosted family and friends in their home,Fair Meadow for the kind of hospitality you seldom see today. Scratch made,using the freshest and best, locally sourced ingredients,organic,locally milled flour in their breads, pizza, and other baked goods.

In 2008, they built their own wood fired brick oven, to continue their tradition of "the very best". Pat and Jay hope you will join them by trying their breads, attending a pizza night, or a baking class. You may come as a stranger to Fair Meadow, but you will leave well fed, and part of the family. Join us! 

Why "Fair Meadow"?  George Hoffman, Jay's maternal grandfather, was a big influence in Jay's life.  When Jay's mom sold the original Fair Meadow, in Upstate NY, Jay and Pat decided to carry on the name at their home in North Carolina.  The original Fair Meadow sign still hangs at the front gate,and is a reminder of a why we do what we do:welcome everyone,feed them well,and encourage community in our corner of the world.

Find us on Facebook! (704) 436-2962 • (984) 999-1118
4175 Cauble Road
Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124
Kitchen inspected by
NC Dept. of Agriculture